Poseidon's Horses

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Poseidon's Horses

(Rich 2022) Sculpted cristate, Tet, Dor, Mid, 6" bloom, 28" tall, 3 way branching, 15 buds, EMO
Years ago Curt Hanson shared his tetraploid conversion of Jack Carpenter's cristate diploid Texas Feathered Fancy with me. The seedlings from the crosses I made using his conversion can be found in the background of many of the Sculpted cristate seedlings I am currently working with and in future registrations. Thank you Curt!
POSEIDON'S HORSES is a medium rose to pink with dark violet band and lighter multi colored cristation. The heavy pink, cream and yellow cristation grows across the petals in multiple lines, thick and full of jagged knobby edged ridges. Registered with 3 way branching with 15 buds, once settled in 4 way branching and 18 to 20 buds is possible. The blooms can spot from dew, rain or bugs due to the heavy cristation pushing the blooms partly open the evening before blooms are fully open. POSEIDON'S HORSES is fertile both ways, although pods can be difficult. Seeing a variety of expressions in the cristation coming from POSEIDON'S HORSES in the kids and then further down the line in the grandkids makes POSEIDON'S HORSES the most exciting parent for Sculpted cristate forms I've worked with.

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GIMME THAT WINK X ((SECRET KEY x sdlg) x Tet. Texas Feathered Fancy)

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