Catching My Breath

$30.00 Double Fan


Catching My Breath

(Rich 2015) Sculpted relief form, Tet, Sev, Mid, 5 1/2" bloom, 36" tall, 3 and 4 way branching, 15 - 18 buds, CMO, very fragrant
The lightly ruffled blooms of CATCHING MY BREATH are a soft rose-pink with a burgundy lined purple eye and triple edge of burgundy, purple and white. The purple eye casts dark shadows as it stretches over the deeply carved petals. Substance is heavy, but not over done allowing the blooms to open completely on cool mornings. The 36" scapes have 3 to 4 way branching with 15 - 18 buds. Easily fertile both ways.
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Holdn' Heaven Daylily Garden
Charmaine Rich
1383 Quail John Road
East Thetford, Vermont 05043

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