Cranky Rooster

$50.00 Double Fan


Cranky Rooster

(Rich 2019) Sculpted pleated form, Tet, Dor, Mid-Late, 5 1/2" blooms, 41" tall, 3 - 4 way branching, 16- 18 Buds, CMO, EMO
The 5 1/2" blooms of CRANKY ROOSTER are a vivid rose red overlaid with a smooth satin sheen. Petals are deeply pleated with a pure white dart running up the midrib. Tall 41" scapes have 3 + 4 way branching producing 16 - 18 buds. The combination of height, intense color, early morning opening and cool morning opening makes CRANKY ROOSTER a focal point in the late season garden. From a cross of Season of the Witch X Where There is Desire, CRANKY ROOSTER is pod and pollen fertile.

Contact Info

Holdn' Heaven Daylily Garden
Charmaine Rich
1383 Quail John Road
East Thetford, Vermont 05043

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