A Different Kinda Buzz

$30.00 Double Fan


A Different Kinda Buzz

(Rich 2018) Sculpted cristate and pleated form, Tet, Dor, Mid, 5" blooms, 28" tall, 3 - 4 way branching, 14 - 18 buds EMO, CMO
The deep rose-pink blooms have a light silver overlay, elderberry purple eye and edge. The petals are tightly pleated often standing above the sepals with the sides of the dark eye wrapping around to the back. Cristation varies in shape sometimes ruffled or feathered, most often as fins perched on the sides of the pleats. A DIFFERENT KINDA BUZZ is EMO & CMO with 28" scapes and 3 to 4 way branching holding 14 - 18 buds. From an interesting cross between my MAN IN THE MAZE with Curt Hanson's Tet Trahylta line. Easily fertile both ways.
(Man in the Maze x Jerry Hyatt) X In Taffeta Patterns

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Holdn' Heaven Daylily Garden
Charmaine Rich
1383 Quail John Road
East Thetford, Vermont 05043

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