Watermelon Sunrise

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Watermelon Sunrise

(Rich 2023) Tet, Dor, Mid - Late, 5 1/2" bloom, 31" tall, wide 4 & 5 way branching, 18 - 25 buds, Frag, CMO, EMO, Rebloom

The 5 1/2" rose red blooms of Watermelon Sunrise are a welcome sight on a warm summer morning. Three small white midrib darts rise from the yellow to grass green throat into a light pink watermark. Tall scapes with 4 and 5 widely spaced branches carry 18 - 25 buds and display the blooms without crowding. Blooming for a full 6 weeks starting in the mid season, Watermelon Sunrise is an EMO and CMO with blooms opening perfectly even after the cooler nights found in the late season. Easily fertile both ways.
Tossed by the Waves X Future of Desire

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Holdn' Heaven Daylily Garden
Charmaine Rich
1383 Quail John Road
East Thetford, Vermont 05043

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