Walking the Wire

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Walking the Wire

(Rich 2022) Sculpted cristate, Tet, Dor, Mid-Late, 4 1/2" bloom, 33" tall, 3 & 4 way branching, 16-21 buds, very fragrant, EMO & CMO
Consistent, ruffled midrib cristation travels along the midrib from the throat to the tips of the petals on these peach pink 4 1/2 inch blooms. A dark rose eye surrounds a yellow to green throat. Dormant with 33" scapes and 3 to 4 way branching carrying 16 - 21 buds. Both an early morning opener and a cold morning opener, the cristate blooms draw you over for a closer look any time of the day. For hybridizers WALKING THE WIRE is easily fertile both ways. Man in the Maze X ((Dana Townsend x Sigourney) x (Hogwarts Express x Sigourney))

Contact Info

Holdn' Heaven Daylily Garden
Charmaine Rich
1383 Quail John Road
East Thetford, Vermont 05043

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